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|← PIXAR Concept Design (uncredited): John Carter BLUE SKY STUDIOS > Color Keys and Matte Painting: Horton Hears a Who CYAN > Co-Director/Designer: RIVEN; the Sequel to MYST | DISNEY FEATURE ANIMATION > Production Designer: Aladdin | OTIS PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN > Painting Instructor | DISNEY FEATURE ANIMATION > Character Design: Beast concepts for Beauty and the Beast. Background Artist: Tummy Trouble. Visual Development: Aladdin and Goofy of the Apes [shelved] | OTIS PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN > Guest Artist: Senior Design Seminar with Everett Peck | TIPPETT STUDIO > Concept Design: dragon design for Willow | INDUSTRIAL LIGHT & MAGIC > Concept Designer: Willow and Innerspace (1988 Oscar winner, VFX). Apprentice Matte Painter: Disneyland’s Star Tours ride, Star Trek IV, The Golden Child and Howard the Duck | DON BLUTH ANIMATION > Background Artist: Dragon’s Lair II and Space Ace | UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA | ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN ←|

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